Capital Raising

Aspiration, the drive to constantly grow and improve — it’s the quality that runs through all successful businesses. But achieving the next level of success requires financial resources — a commitment from a capital partner who understands both your business model and your potential.

There are abundant capital-raising opportunities available for strong companies that are poised to grow through acquisition or internal growth, or that seek better terms for their existing financing. Kerlin brings extensive experience and relationships to bear for each client situation, helping connect companies with a variety of equity, mezzanine and debt financing sources.

Our ultimate goal across all of our financing assignments is to ensure that when the deal is signed, we know that we have delivered the right solution from the right source.

“Kerlin advised us in the Sara Lee transaction and was able to deliver bank financing deftly in the height of the banking crisis. Thank you, Kerlin.” Rocky Laverty CEO, Farmer Bros. Co.