Shareholder Liquidity Planning

For owners and executives, particularly of closely-held and family-owned businesses, personal wealth often becomes inextricably tied to the company. This presents a number of challenges and risks — not only does it constrain cash, but it also creates a lack of diversification.

Kerlin advises major shareholders and helps them develop and execute plans that provide greater control over their assets. Our solutions include identifying merger and private equity investment opportunities that provide capital without relinquishing control; partial recapitalizations; designing and implementing employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs); leading initial public offerings (IPOs); and outright company sales when appropriate.

In each situation we develop a strategy based on the specific needs and realities of our clients.

“Simply stated, Kerlin’s counsel was invaluable. They helped us work through longstanding shareholder issues, and without their help we would not have been able to sell the company.” Sharyn Newberg Founder, Little Giraffe