Case Swayne Co., Inc.: recapitalized by JP Morgan and Keith Swayne

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Case Swayne Co., Inc. has been recapitalized by JP Morgan and Keith Swayne

Kerlin was the advisor to the Case Swayne Co., Inc. and assisted the family shareholders to evaluate their strategic alternatives, prepare for a sale to a strategic or financial buyer. Case Swayne was a very attractive specialty seasoning and spice company located in Corona, CA. Following a highly confidential marketing process. Case Swayne ultimately entered into a transaction with J.P. Morgan Partners to recapitalize the company at a total valuation of $95 million. Keith Swayne continued to run the Company as its CEO and retained an equity interest following the recapitalization transaction. This alternative allowed the family shareholders to obtain the desired liquidity and Keith Swayne was able to continue growing the company supported by institutional capital.