Colliers Seeley International sells 82% interest in company to FirstService Corp

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Colliers Seeley International has sold an 82% interest in the Company to FirstService Corporation

Kerlin served as the financial advisor to Colliers Seeley to evaluate possible liquidity alternatives for the shareholders and to implement the ultimate sale. Colliers Seeley is a leading commercial real estate services company in the Los Angeles region with a network of 138 brokers and 12 offices in Southern California. Colliers Seeley was owned by 39 shareholders, most of whom were active commercial real estate brokers employed by the company, or former employees. The collective shareholders were seeking a liquidity event.

Kerlin approached a carefully selected group of potential buyers and ultimately selected FirstService Corp. as the preferred bidder. This was a unique deal which included a special payout structure. For those shareholders still with the company, the ultimate payout was based on their performance as brokers. As the deal was structured, senior management, active brokers and management retained a minority equity stake in the company. As part of the engagement, Kerlin also provided a fairness opinion for the negotiated transaction. The ultimate transaction was successful in meeting the needs of both active and inactive shareholders.