Kerlin Capital Group Advises on Family Recapitalization

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Kerlin Capital Group Advises on Family Recapitalization in Project Green

Kerlin served as the financial advisor to the Company, code named Project “Green,” a significant Southern California service and manufacturing company, in a recapitalization that bought out 40% of the share interest in the Company for cash and notes. This assignment included an extensive analysis and discussion with the family shareholders of the company’s strategic alternatives, including an IPO, an outright sale or a partial buyout funded by a private equity investment. Kerlin acted as the Company’s advisor in the structuring, negotiation and the execution of the buyout transaction. Kerlin also represented the Company in placing $250 million of senior debt with a large insurance company to fund the buyout. The transaction resolved a long-running conflict between family shareholders and allowed the company to consolidate the ownership among those family shareholders who focused on long-term growth.