Farmer Acquired Coffee Bean Intl

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Farmer Bros. Co. has acquired Coffee Bean International

Kerlin was selected as the financial advisor to Farmer Bros. Co. to assist the company in its search for acquisitions and to implement a growth plan. The acquisition of Coffee Bean International — the company’s first acquisition since 1969 — represented an opportunity to expand the business and establish an immediate presence in the fast-growing specialty coffee sector of the market.

With assistance from Farmer Bros. management, Kerlin led the analysis of Coffee Bean International and developed the initial proposal which required an exclusive due diligence review period and a final determination of a negotiated purchase price. The process was successful and the transaction closed. Farmer Bros. and Coffee Bean International focus on different customers and offer distinct products and services.

Farmer Bros.’ management expects to realize significant growth and cost savings following planned investments in Coffee Bean International’s new roasting facility in Portland, Oregon. In conjunction with Farmer Bros. management, Kerlin Capital developed the post-closing integration plan for the acquisition.