Schreiber Foods Inc acquires Raskas Foods Inc

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Schreiber Foods, Inc. has acquired Raskas Foods, Inc.

Kerlin served as the exclusive advisor for Schreiber Foods on its acquisition of Raskas Foods, Inc. Schreiber Foods, Inc., an ESOP owned company based in Wisconsin, is a major manufacturer of processed cheeses that are sold under private label in supermarkets nationally. Raskas Foods, Inc. is a major manufacturer of cream cheese that is sold under private label to similar customers and was privately owned but desired a liquidity event. This acquisition had been a strategic priority for Schreiber for over a decade but the owners had not been willing to sell.

Kerlin worked closely with Schreiber to complete its due diligence and valuation of Raskas Foods. Kerlin led the efforts in negotiating a letter of intent which included an exclusivity period, and also participated in the negotiation of the definitive agreements and related documents. The acquisition proved to be enormously successful as Schreiber realized the benefits that had been identified in the due diligence process.